Small Private Jets and Comfort – Light Jet Aircraft Advantage in 2023


The aviation industry continues to grow but the small private jets have taken the world by storm growing at a rate not seen before. In fact the growth of small private jets is a huge part of the overall growth in the aviation industry.

Since 9/11 more and more companies are opting to have their own small private jet available to their CEO’s and executives. It all started as a safety issue and a method to save time but since then these companies have quickly come to recognize that small private jets have a lot of other advantages too!

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Let’s have a look at those advantages:

  1. No lineups – no standing in a line waiting to board or clear security for your flight.
  2. No security checks – no having a stranger go through your bags. No having to wait while your luggage is checked.
  3. No waiting – no having to arrive at the airport hours before your flight so that you can clear security or customs.
  4. Bring It – whether it’s your laptop, your drink, or your nail clippers you can bring it along.
  5. Comfortable – there’s nothing that will keep you more relaxed and ready for what meets you at the other end than a comfortable seat with lots of leg room.
  6. Personal Touch – flight attendants are well trained and their job is to make you and your guest comfortable not an entire plane full of people.
  7. Better Meals & Drinks – you’ll get the top of the line drink choices and if your flight is long and you are going to eat aboard you’ll get a great meal. Fine dining for everyone aboard! You specify before the flight what food and beverages you want onboard and that is what you will have.
  8. Work – if you want you can work in a quiet relaxed atmosphere. No worries of someone reading your notes or screen and breaking client confidentiality laws. Spread out your papers, power up your laptop, and get to work.
  9. Relax – if work isn’t part of your day then relax, enjoy the spacious seating, chat with a colleague or family, or read a good book. Whatever you choose to do you’ll be comfortable.
  10. Fast – no more stop overs, changing planes, waiting for your connecting flight. With small private jets you go from point A to point B fast with no additional stops.

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Having your own fleet of small private jets isn’t just a benefit to the CEO’s and executives although of course they’ll be the ones using it the most. When done right it can be a perk for other employees and their families too.

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Perhaps a contest for highest increase in sales earns them and their family free airfare to the destination of their choice. There are many way to utilize your jets so that all the staff can enjoy the benefits.

You might also consider leasing them to other companies that require a jet only occasionally and don’t want to or can’t afford to put their own on the books.

There are a great many things you can do when you own your own small private jets. There is no question that they save both time and money over the long term, and that they are a smart business move!

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