Private Jet Price – How Much Does A Private Jet Cost?


Private Jet Price – Reliable sources are stating that in just a sort period of time private jet charters have gone up at much as 50%. And it seems that every time there is a terrorist threat charters go up. Forbes recorded that there was a 40% increase in the UK just after the foiled bombing in London. But what does this do to the private jet price ? Both for chartering and purchasing?

Private Jet Charter Prices

Private Jet Price

Well as with anything it’s all about supply and demand. And in the case of what it has done to the private jet price we have seen an increase in both purchase price and in charter price. How much depends on what part of the world you are in. The US has seen the largest private jet price increase.

You won’t hear any complaints from Gulfstream or the Lear because the private jet sales rose around the world by 35% in 2006 from January to June. Of course Cessna isn’t very happy as the drop in commercial flights has certainly affected their sales.

Since 9/11 the number of passengers taking flights in the US has dropped by as much as 20%. That includes full price, economy fairs, first class, and business class. Those people are still traveling but instead they are traveling by private jet. That means that the private jet price in the US has gone up dramatically.

Private Jet Price

Business travelers, CEO’s and executives, aren’t interested in being frisked for tubes of toothpaste and nail files. They are paying premium prices for those flights and don’t need the hassles of being treated as a local threat. Therefore in business class alone there has been as much as a 50% drop in commercial flights. That means those companies have decided that a private jet is the right option for their company.

Some corporations are purchasing their own private jet while others are participating in a joint venture, and still others are opting to charter or lease. The option chosen depends on the jet being chosen and the private jet price attached to it. Of course it also depends on the corporation’s budget.

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Based on the Private Jet Price in the US the Eclipse 500 has become a popular choice coming in at around $1.5 million. It seats 6, flies at 41,000 feet and at a speed of 425mph with a fuel capacity for 1200 miles. It can land or take off on an airstrip of 2250 feet. In fact Gates is one of the biggest investors in the Eclipse. This mini jet has become a popular choice for the corporate world that requires a smaller, efficient jet.

Cessna is trying to get into the mini jet market too. After all it’s been quick to recognize where air traffic is heading and the private jet price has become very affordable and a definite option for many companies.

Sure you can’t afford your own private jet any more than I can but for those business travelers that are racking up hundreds of thousands of air miles each year and enduring the hassle of the commercial airport the idea of a company jet is very appealing. And with the private jet price declining it’s become an option more and more businesses are entertaining.


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