Best Private Jet Leasing Just Makes Sense in 2023


For the busy executive or frequent flyer private jet travel is making mores sense all the time. Both the features of private jet leasing and benefits add up to nearly worry-free travel. One of the features of many private jets is that they allow for comfortable sleeping. If you’ve ever been on a transcontinental flight you know that even the finest first class accommodations will often leave your neck and back stiff and uncomfortable over the long haul.

Private Jet Leasing Options

Private Jet Leasing

By contrast, the same flight in a private jet furnished with a comfortable bed leaves the traveler relaxed, rested and not nearly as susceptible to dreaded jetlag. And sleeping arrangements are only one of the excellent features you’ll find with a private jet rental. You can also have your choice of food and drink along with private, competent personnel to make your trip carefree.

But comfort is only one consideration with private jet travel. There’s also safety to consider. Most private jet pilots are probably not pushing air to make commercial connections, deadlines, dealing with hundreds of passengers and dozens of other details that commercial pilots face. I think it’s safe to say that most private pilots are better rested and less stressed than their commercial counterparts. And a well-rested pilot is a safer pilot.

Private Jet on Lease

With private jet travel long layovers are a thing of the past. Not to mention the hustle and bustle of the airport crowds, the endless security lines and insolent security people, baggage check and pickup and overall general aggravation. I know that I’ve often felt like saying moo as I walked behind the leader and in front of the follower from terminal to terminal while dragging my overstuffed luggage along.

With private jet leasing, I make a beeline for the private terminal and get aboard. No hassle, no fuss. And forget about being at the airport for baggage check two hours before a flight is due to take off. The wasted time spent waiting for a plane that actually has a chance of not going anywhere is nearly worth the entire private jet experience.

Private Jet Leasing Just Makes Sense

Lots of business travelers flying first class on commercial flights have found getting work done during the flight to be a fairly pleasant experience. That is, until they’ve made their first private jet flight. Being set up for productive work on a private flight is the next best thing to actually working in the office or even from your home. With private jet leasing you can make arrangements for all of the equipment essential to your business to be onboard.

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There are many options available for private jet rentals for both the business as well as the pleasure traveler. There are various private jet membership plans, fractional ownership arrangements and pay as you fly options. All have their benefits depending upon your needs and the frequency of your travel. See you in the sunset.


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