Luxury Yacht Charter – The Ultimate Vacation in 2023


Luxury Yacht Charter – Imagine spending your vacation cruising the turquoise waters in an exotic location while being pampered and not having to lift a finger during the entire trip. Days are spent on deck with the wind in your hair, or at shore exploring different islands. As the sun sets, your yacht pulls into a tranquil lagoon and moors for the night. There’s enough time for one last dip in the balmy ocean before pre-dinner drinks are served and the chef starts preparing the first course.

The Ultimate Vacation

You were planning to move on to a different island tomorrow, but this one is so beautiful you decide to stay for another day. And maybe try one of the local restaurants for dinner the next night. No problem. Your itinerary is entirely up to you.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? It is. And the good news is that it can be quite affordable too.

Luxury yacht charters come in all shapes and sizes, fully crewed, captain only, or bare boat (meaning no crew at all), sail, power, catamaran or gulets (Turkish motor-sailers); basic or with every amenity you can imagine. Most provide water toys such as kayaks, jet skis, diving equipment, windsurfers etc. And all have speedboats to take you ashore (or go water skiing). You can find a luxury yacht for less than $2,500 in the Caribbean, even during high season.

That is bareboat though; if you want a crew you’ll have to spend a little bit more. But you can still rent a luxury catamaran with a crew of 4 and room for 10 in the Caribbean for less than $4,000/week per person, or a luxury sailing boat with a crew of 2 and room for 8 guests for less than $3,000/week per person.

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And of course, the sky is the limit. If you want the ultimate in luxury, consider the Alysia, which cruises the Mediterranean for a bit over $1.1 million/week. But here’s what that gets you: 25,833 square feet of guest space, a crew of 36, a business center, health center, a beauty salon (with 2 beauty therapists), wine cellar, chefs, 24 hour laundry service, elevators, Bose surround sound system indoors and out, nurse on call 24 hours/day, cinema, a Yamaha grand piano, diving equipment (including waterproof cameras), waverunners, water-skis, helicopter deck, and more. It holds up to 36 guests, so if you find 35 people to share the trip with, it breaks down to a little bit over $30,000 per person.

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No wonder luxury yacht charter is becoming increasingly popular. There are boats available to suit anybody’s taste and wallet, and unlike at a traditional cruise, you don’t have to stand in line for anything, you can eat dinner in your bathing suit, you don’t have to listen to intercom announcements, there is no rushing from port to port or back on the boat after a few hours on land – you’re in charge of the itinerary and everything else you feel like being in charge of.


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