How to Choose A Jewelry Box for Women in 2023


Look for a Jewelry Box for Women made of high-quality materials, such as paper, wood, or leather. You also need to consider the lining material. Choosing inappropriate lining packaging may damage your jewelry if it’s too hard or too rough.

How to Choose A Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box for Women

Firstly if you own an impressive collection of jewelry or like most of us intend on owning an impressive collection you may wish to consider a Jewelry Armoire. A jewelry armoire is simply a large cabinet designed to store jewelry, think of it as an overgrown jewelry box. They are often freestanding and designed to be a feature furniture piece. Expect to pay up to $1000 for an excellent quality Armoire. This may seem expensive but will represent only a fraction of the cost of an impressive collection of diamond, pearl and gold jewelry.

What To Look For When Choosing A Jewelry Box?

Firstly you should only purchase a jewelry box for women or armoire made from wood. This will help prevent moisture buildup and provide a level of temperature insulation for your jewelry. This is important in preventing and reducing tarnish as well as prolonging the life of your gemstones which are sensitive to temperature. The second feature to consider is size and number of compartments. If you collection consists mostly of earrings and rings then you will need a smaller sized jewelry box with a larger number of compartments.

What To Look For When Choosing A Jewelry Box

If you own (or intend to own) a larger number of necklaces you will need to ensure you have enough space and hooks to hang each necklace separately. There are few things as frustrating as tangles in your beautiful silver and diamond necklace. A number of dedicated necklace boxes are available for those with greater storage requirements.

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The jewelry box for women should be lined with a soft, lint free cloth. This is absolutely critical for those with pearls and other softer gemstones. The cloth will also allow the jewelry to breath and prevent tarnishing. Lower quality jewelry boxes will have synthetic linings which are harsh and abrasive. Ask the store to throw in as many jewelry bags as possible, these are always useful for storing your most precious items in. Place a couple in the car and take a few with you on holiday.

Securing Your Jewelry Box

If you are storing your jewelry in a locked room you may not require a locking mechanism on your jewelry box for women. If children have access to the box you may wish to purchase a jewelry box with childproof locks and opening mechanisms.

Other Considerations

Those fond of feng shui, matching existing furniture and coordinating styles should of course consider their options. Many believe giving an empty jewelry box as a gift will bring bad luck to the receiver so you’re buying a jewelry box for women extend your generosity with at least a small piece of sterling silver jewelry.

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