How to Choose An Engagement Ring in 2023


So, How to Choose An Engagement Ring? Choosing an engagement ring can be a very nerve racking and difficult experience. You’re about to pop the biggest question of your life to the most important person in your world. You of course want everything to happen perfectly and the event to be everything your partner could hope for. The following guide will help you get started on your journey to choosing the perfect engagement ring.

What is an engagement ring?

What is an engagement ring

Most typically an engagement ring is a Diamond set in either a white gold or gold setting. There is however no definite guidelines for the design of an engagement ring. Engagement rings can feature other gemstones such as Rubies and Sapphires and often feature multiple gemstones. An engagement ring is no different from a promise ring or any other type of ring from a design or style perspective. Any ring can become an engagement ring and it is largely defined simply by the finger it is worn on.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

How to Choose An Engagement Ring

Jewelry stores will tell you as much as possible and lead you into extravagant purchases with questions such as ‘Well how special to you is she?’ Forget asking the jewelry store how much to spend. The practice of spending 2-3 months wages on an engagement is actually the result of a very well executed marketing plan by Diamond manufacturer DeBeers. A common sense approach is best when choosing your budget.

How to Choose An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is worn everyday and subject to everyday conditions and more wear and tear than other types of jewelry. For this reason it is best to choose harder metals and gemstones which are resistant to damage and don’t require extensive maintenance. Unfortunately hard gemstones like Diamond and Rubies as well has higher grade metals like Platinum and 18k Gold are quite expensive. Do not purchase beyond your means and risk overshadowing the occasion.

Should we choose an engagement ring together?

Many couples today choose engagement rings and wedding bands together. In today’s Western societies it is not uncommon for couples to be living together long before marriage and frequently the prospect of marriage is discussed openly. If you and your partner have discussed the path of marriage the element of surprise may not be worth the risk of purchasing the wrong ring. If your partner is particularly fussy you may wish avoid potential disappointment with the wrong choice or arrange for her to choose from a selection of rings at a jeweler. Others will prefer to have their partner surprise and choose a ring on their behalf simply because it is something special you have chosen for her.

Which engagement ring should I buy her?

Which engagement ring should I buy her

You will need to follow the same guidelines as our buying jewelry for a woman guide. The guidelines will provide insight into your partner’s tastes and style preferences but there are also other considerations you need to keep in mind. The engagement ring is likely to be worn beyond any current trend in jewelry fashion. For this reason it is wise to choose a classical design which is likely to remain stylish for years to come.

How do I buy the right size ring?

Should we choose an engagement ring together

You are in luck if your girlfriend already wears some sort of ring. When she is showering or has taken the ring off simply find a piece of paper and trace the internal circumference of the ring. There are a number of sizing guides which will be able to help you choose the correct size with the information you have now obtained. Alternatively you may wish to buy a loose diamond. A loose diamond is diamond purchased by itself without any setting. This way your partner can choose the style and size of her preference later on and you will still have something very special to present to your partner.

Which finger is the engagement ring worn on?

Counting from the thumb an engagement ring is worn on the 4th finger of the left hand. This is tradition in the majority of Western countries. In certain cultures and countries it is tradition to wear the engagement ring on the 4th finger of the right hand.

What are antique and estate engagement rings?

Antique engagement rings are those which are 50 years or older while estate engagement rings are 50 years or younger. Many engagement rings are available in art deco and art nouveau styles which pay tribute to the respective periods. It is a relatively safe bet that antique and estate engagement rings will remain stylish. You should however consider your partners style, if she prefers to wear contemporary styled jewelry she may feel her engagement ring is out of place. Choose these styles only if your partner has a particular fascination with classically styled jewelry.

Avoid common mistakes

Don’t spend a fortune on a beautiful engagement ring and present it in a 50c box.

If you are intent on purchasing less traditional gemstones ensure they are harder gemstones. Softer gemstones will scratch with the more frequent use of an engagement ring.
While we are sure you’ll receive the answer you’re seeking it pays to keep a receipt. The jeweler may require it if the ring is damaged and require maintenance.
If you’re spending serious money on the engagement ring, have it insured. Call your insurer with the details of the ring, typical home policies will cover only a limited amount of jewelry.

If you wish to engrave a personal message on your engagement ring make sure the ring is the perfect size first.

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