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Greenjets Private Jet Options – Someone at my golf club won the lottery recently. His name is Chip. The news spread really fast and the guy became an instant celebrity. I’ve had a casual acquaintance with him for the past few years and other than myself, I can’t think of anyone who would deserve the money more. Just kidding on that.

Anyway, I was talking to Chip about his good fortune and asked him what he was going to do. He was actually realistic about it saying he’d already quit his job and was going to devote the next couple of years to traveling with his long-time girl. What a life, huh?

Greenjets Card

Greenjets Private Jet Options

I told him that the guys running the small company I consult with have to travel a lot and they almost always use a private jet rental service. They’re part of private jet membership plan called Greenjets Private Jet and they rave about all the time they save and hassle they avoid when they have to take to the skies.

Chip didn’t seem all that interested at first. That’s when I guessed that he wasn’t all that used to frequent flying. He admitted that was the case. So I reminded him that as a world traveler he’d be spending a lot of time in airports, which meant he’d be subject to security checks and even a personal body search from time to time. He seemed to perk up a bit when I mentioned the part about him being a world traveler.

And if security hassles weren’t enough, he’d continually be flying on the schedule of the commercial airline rather than his own timetable. Then there are those inconvenient time-gobbling layovers. About then I imagined that Chip was thinking of the inconvenience of spending a couple of hours in the dark and dreary waiting area of the Cincinnati – Kentucky airport because that’s the only flight to the west coast stops before heading out.

Greenjets Geenjetcard Program

Private jet travelers also have much less crowded terminals to negotiate and a lot less ‘hurry up and wait’ time too. That’s nice because they don’t have to arrive at the airport hours before their flights take off. I didn’t have to say much else before Chip was asking about the private jet leasing option. So I continued to tell him about Greenjets Private Jet.

Greenjets has all kinds of options when it comes to private jet leasing. First is their Greenjets Geenjetcard Program. With the Greenjets Card the price of a flight doesn’t necessarily depend on the type and model of an aircraft, it’s determined on availability. This is an excellent feature because travelers sometimes find themselves flying on a luxurious jet without paying a premium for the privilege.

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Greenjets Private Jet also realizes that the skies are filled with aircraft that aren’t filled to capacity. So if a traveler is willing to fly with others he can save a lot of money while knowing that he’s also doing his part for the environment.

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Chip seemed to be listening and at the same time it looked like he was miles away, perhaps on the sands of Fiji. I paused for a minute and he said that he just realized he had a lot of options with his windfall and that he’d check into Greenjets. Yep, winning the lottery couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, almost.


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