Best Private Jet Membership – Compare the Leading Providers 2023


So, what is Private Jet Memberships and why do I need it? In the world of corporate air travel executives and CEO’s are choosing to travel around the country in a private jet. The problem is that is that for many the cost of purchasing a jet is not an option but a private jet membership is definitely an option. Choosing Jet Cards or Jet Memberships? Understand the Options. Review Features and Costs. Find the Card or Membership Program That Fits Your Needs.

Compare the Leading Private Jet Providers

Private Jet Memberships

Private jet membership offers you security and a level of excellence that you’ve come to expect. There are a variety of companies offering a private jet membership. There is no reason to empty your bank account just to enjoy traveling via jet. That is if you hold a private jet membership.

A private jet membership means no commitments and no hassles. It is one of the easiest and efficient methods to enjoy and partake in private jet travel. It’s flexible with no big expenses and no long term commitments.

Just choose the size of jet that’s right for your travel at any given time. So if today you travel as a pair for a business meeting in London you can choose small, but if at month end you are taking the sales team to Aruba because of their performance then you can hire a larger jet. Book in advance or book on short notice. There’s no flexibility like it.

Your private jet membership may include a pre paid amount of hours or you may just book at your discounted rate as you need paying your membership fees annually.

A private jet membership allows you to book air time around the world making private jet travel a reality for more and more companies and individuals.

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A private jet membership program should be flexible and fit your lifestyle. It should provide you with the jet solution that you require and meet your flying needs while delivering a service that is personalized and a good experience over all.

Private Jet Memberships

Your private jet membership should give you access 24 hours a day 7 days a week with just one phone call. You just need to choose the size and the type of jet you want, plan your itinerary, order any customized services such as catering, and address all of your travel needs.

To give you an idea of passenger load, speed, and distance. It will help you determine which class you should be in.

  1. A light jet will carry up to 5 passengers with a speed range of 380 to 490 mph and a cruising range of 1000 to 1300 miles.
  2. A medium jet will carry up to 6 passengers with a speed range of 420 to 490 mph and a cruising range of 1500 to 2000 miles.
  3. A heavy jet will carry up to 10 passengers with a speed range of 420 to 500 mph and a cruising range of 2650 to 3700 miles.

Your profile should be regularly updated so that your private jet membership is up to date speeding up your entire booking process. There are many different membership programs to choose from. Do your homework and then choose the private jet membership the meets your needs. It’s a great way to have air travel right at your fingertips.


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